EVBox Business Line Hub, 1 ph. 32A 7.4 kW
The EVBox Business Line Hub is a versatile and reliable charging solution designed for electric vehicles (EVs). With a charging capacity of up to 7.4 kW, this charging station provides efficient and convenient charging for EV users. Here are some...
R 26,156.34
EVBox Business Line Hub, 3 Phase-16A 11 kW
EVBox Business Line From 3.7 kW to 22 kW Charges two cars simultaneously Available with fixed charging cables (optional) Available with Schuko charging plugs (optional) Durable, low maintenance Remote monitoring and settlement of charging costs Distributes power efficiently with Load...
R 28,445.29
EVBox Business Line Hub, 3 Phase-32A 22 kW
EVBox Business Line Up to 22 kW charging of EVs. Durable, low maintenance Compatible with most electric vehicles Easy to install, use, and maintain Safest charging method for cars and your building Connected with Wi-Fi, 4G, and Bluetooth Load balancing...
R 32,453.86
EVBox Business line, Makrolon cover, blue
The EVBox Business Line, featuring a Makrolon blue cover, presents a blend of sophistication and resilience for electric vehicle charging. The Makrolon cover, distinguished by its blue hue, not only adds a touch of style but also symbolizes a commitment...
R 1,672.12
EVBox Business line, Makrolon cover, grey
The EVBox Business Line, with its stylish Makrolon grey cover, exemplifies the perfect union of functionality and aesthetics in the realm of electric vehicle charging. The Makrolon cover, characterized by its subtle grey hue, not only adds a touch of...
R 1,672.12
EVBox Business line, Makrolon cover, traffic white
EVBox offers innovative designs and flexible supplies that fit your unique applications. Whether you looking for a new electric vehicle charging solution in commercial, retail or residential or simply to scale on to your existing infrastructure. The *EVBox 709016-M is...
R 1,672.10
EVBox Combipole (on the ground), 1400mm
EVBox creates adaptable and expandable electric vehicle charging solutions suitable for commercial, retail, and residential settings. With a commitment to advancing electric mobility accessibility, EVBox has aided numerous forward-looking enterprises in adopting more eco-friendly approaches for over a decade.The term...
R 2,382.67
EVBox Elvi Cable Dock
EVBox Elvi Cable Dock
The EVBox Elvi Cable Dock offers a convenient solution for electric vehicle owners using Type 1 (T1) and Type 2 (T2) charging cables at their charging stations. This accessory serves as a wall support, allowing you to efficiently roll up...
R 1,547.28
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