Pylontech Li-Ion solar battery, 3.5kWh (excluding brackets)
US3000C lithium-iron phosphate battery is the new energy storage products developed and produced by Pylontech, it can be used to support reliable power for various types of equipment and systems. US3000C has built-in BMS battery management system, which can manage...
R 26,216.05
Dyness A48100 Battery Lithium-ion, 4.8Kwh, 48V, 100Ah
A48100 lithium-iron phosphate energy storage system can be combined in series or parallel to provide energy storage function for photovoltaic power generation users. Our product can store extra electricity into battery from photovoltaic power generation system in daytime and supply...
R 32,800.27
UZ Energy Power lite Lithium battery system, 51.2V, 100Ah
UZ Energy Power lite Lithium battery system is a low-voltage, multi-purpose scalable battery solution The compact single unit measures 3U in height in the standard configuration. The design allows for multi-parallel configurations (up to 16 units). L051100-A1 Energy Storage System...
R 36,953.63 R 33,258.27
EcoFlow River, international plug, 600W
EcoFlow RIVER -  Grab and go power station. Dare to go further with RIVER. Power all your devices wherever you roam with the lightweight and versatile 288Wh capacity, international plug, and X-Boost technology up to 1200W. Push your limits and...
R 6,926.22 R 5,999.00
Ecoflow EF4-Pro River Pro Portable power station, 720Wh, 600W
Portable power station The EcoFlow RIVER Pro is a versatile portable power supply that can power up to 10 devices at once with various outlet options, including 3 pure sine wave AC outlets. This makes it ideal for individuals on...
R 12,349.55 R 11,732.07
EcoFlow Delta, international plug
EcoFlow DELTA - a powerful and versatile portable power station. Delta provides backup power for your essential devices during power outages, outdoor adventures, and professional work. With a huge 1260Wh capacity, DELTA can keep your devices powered for hours on...
R 23,498.40 R 21,148.56
Tesla Powerwall 2 AC, 14kWH, 5kW
Tesla Powerwall is a fully-integrated AC battery system for residential or light commercial use. Its rechargeable 13.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack provides energy storage for solar self-consumption, time-based control, and backup. Powerwall’s electrical interface provides a simple connection to any home...
R 143,385.00
Weco Single module, HV/LV, 48V, 5.3kWh, incl bracket and LV cables
WeCo’S 5.3kWh comes complete, with mounting bracket and LV cables. The Stackable Module is a DUAL VOLTAGE module that can be used in a Low Voltage(48.5-58.4Vdc) configuration or in a High Voltage(80/200-750Vdc) configuration. Weco's single module, 5.3kWh is the most...
R 39,464.46
Vision Deep Cycle AGM battery, 12V, 100Ah (NO WARRANTY)
The rechargeable batteries are lead-lead dioxide systems. The dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte is absorbed by separators and plates and thus immobilized. Should the battery be accidentally overcharged producing hydrogen and oxygen, special one way valves allow the gases to escape...
R 2,623.54
Vision Deep cycle AGM battery, 12V, 200Ah (NO WARRANTY)
Vision 200Ah AGM Deep Cycle 12V Z series (6FM200Z-X) The rechargeable batteries are lead-lead dioxide systems. The dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte is absorbed by separators and plates and thus immobilized. Should the battery be accidentally overcharged producing hydrogen and oxygen,...
R 5,321.26
Blue Nova LiFePO4 battery, 16kWh, 52VDC
Blue Nova offer high performance, ultra-reliable energy storage solutions. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFeYPO4) batteries have now become the leading technology in energy storage for the modern world. With transfer efficiencies of more than 96% @C2 charge and discharge rates (or...
R 106,153.85
Eaton X Storage home battery pack, GEN2, new, LMO,6kWh
When connected to a residential power supply and/or renewable energy sources, such as rooftop solar PV panels, Eaton's energy storage box helps save money on electricity bills by recharging the lithium-ion batteries when renewable energy is available or energy is...
R 70,128.75
Synapse Stack kit for Synapse 3.55kWH battery, 2/pck
The Synapse Stack kit allows battery modules to be conveniently stacked without the use of at traditional 19" rack. The kit includes 2 brackets which are used together on 1 battery. Purchase 1 set for each battery in your system....
R 663.61
Tesla Powerwall 2 gateway
Tesla Powerwall 2 gateway
Backup Gateway 2 for Tesla Powerwall provides energy management and monitoring for solar self-consumption, time-based control, and backup operation. When the Powerwall system is in Backup mode, Backup Gateway 2 controls connection to the grid, automatically detecting outages and providing...
R 19,118.00
Synapse Rack, 12U, white
The Synapse 12U rack enclosure is designed to house 12U of 19” rack standard mounted Synapse devices. It is suitable for general use, as well as 2U or 3U Synapse batteries or the Rack mounted Synapse King inverter. It has...
R 9,571.14
Delta E5 Hybrid inverter kit, 6kWh, 5kW, 552 x 596 x 200mm
With Delta’s E5 Hybrid Energy Storage system you can benefit from solar energy even after sunset. By pairing the E5 inverter with the Bx6.0 Li-Ion you create your own secure supply of energy for when the grid lets you down....
R 90,931.70
Synapse Slimline wall mounted enclosure, 2 position, white
The Synapse Slimline enclosure is wall mounted and is designed to provide a tasteful mounting arrangement for 2 19” rack standard mounted Synapse devices. It can accommodate either 2U or 3U Synapse batteries or the Rack mounted Synapse King inverter. ...
R 5,044.37
GoodWe All-in-1 storage solution, 1-phase, excl batt, 4.6kW
Please note: You will also require the following components: SECU-A5.4L and BCL9600 Every GW5048-ESA system requires 2x batteries to run at full power. These batteries are not compatible with other inverters at this time GoodWe ESA Series is an all-in-one...
R 33,611.20 R 27,872.37
Weco LV Installation kit for 5K3-LV/HV, incl. bracket, LV + coms cables
The Weco wall mount kit allows one to install the batteries vertically on a wall allowing more space and it couples well with wall mounted inverters. The kit includes the cables and bracket for the Weco batteries.
R 958.44
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