ARaymond Edge clip, cable tie base
Cable Routing Clips   A large scope of solutions for fixing cables over, along or on the side of module edges or rail structures, in order to improve wiring. The intended use for the cable tie base clip is when...
R 4.90
ARaymond Edge clip, multi cable, 9mm
ARaymond cable clips 228187001 is a Universal cable edge clip to fix one or more tubes/wires of various diameters along a panel edge. Easy to use Tool free installation. Robust Metal parts with surface treatment adapted to corrosive environments. Galvanic...
R 9.38
ARaymond Edge clip, screwless IDC earth connector
Rayvolt® Grounding Clip For Electrical Management Quick & easy setup Discover the convenience and reliability of our revolutionary ARaymond Edge clip, screwless IDC earth connector. With just one simple action, you can cut the wire insulation, make the electrical connection...
R 34.63
ARaymond Powar snap Module mounting clip, w/grounding
PowAR Snap® 90B Fastening clip for framed modules and steel The PowAR Snap® 90B Fastening clip is a tool-free, screwless solution for fastening framed solar modules to steel structures. This fastening clip offers a simple and efficient way to assemble...
R 26.30
ARaymond Powar snap S plus, anti-theft clip, new version
Screwless and Tool-Free clipped fastening solutions provide fast and simple assembly. It allows customers to reduce the overall cost of renewable energies. ARaymond Powar snap S plus is utilized in the following areas: Residential Small Commercial (0 - 50kW) Large...
R 18.52
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