Deye Hybrid Inverter, 8kW, 1 phase, 48V, 2 MPPT
Deye single-phase inverter is an excellent choice for residential application thanks to its compact size and local LCD display, buttons. Also, with a built-in zero-export function (external CT is needed), it offers true ease and comfort for PV system operators...
R 37,804.90
Sold Out
Deye Hybrid Inverter, 1 phase, 2 MPPT, 48V, 5kW.
Deye Single-Phase String Inverter is part of the series of on-grid inverter power, specifically designed for residential rooftop applications. It comes with 2 MPP tracker, the max. efficiency up to 97.5%. Applicable to string intelligent monitoring single alignment and multiple...
R 22,733.18
Sold Out
Deye Hybrid inverter, 3-phase, 12K, 230/400VAC, 12000W
Deye 12K solar inverter is brand new three phase hybrid inverter with low battery voltage 48V, ensuring system safe and reliable. With compact design and high-power density, this series supports 1.3 DC/AC ratio, saving device investment. It supports three phase...
R 51,740.69
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