Apex I-10H-V Offgrid inverter, 8kVA/10kVA, 48VDC
The Apex Oasis 10H Offgrid Inverter is a high-capacity inverter designed for off-grid power systems. It is available in two models, with either an 8kVA or 10kVA output capacity, and operates on a 48VDC input voltage. The Apex Oasis 10H...
R 42,923.28
Apex SGS Solar geyser system, 1.5kW DC, 3kW AC
The APEX Solar Geyser System is the heart of a water heating system – intelligently heating water in a standard electric geyser from the sun’s energy. The device controls and manages the system, providing historical and up to the minute...
R 8,100.50
Apex PowerStar 10H Ongrid inverter, 8kVA/10kVA, 48VDC
The POWERSTAR 10H offers a range of benefits that make it a versatile and efficient energy management solution. Engineered to excel in challenging environments and handle high loads, it ensures reliability even in adverse conditions. Its design prioritises energy efficiency,...
R 52,809.21
Apex B-12K Li-ion battery, 12kWH, 48VDC
Power Your Life: 12KWH Lithium-Ion Energy Storage For Residential and Light Commercial Applications APEX has now offers a next generation 12 kWh battery to compliment our range of best in class energy management equipment. APEX offers a unique built in...
R 59,511.70
Apex MPPT-4K Dual MPPT charge controller, 4kW, 48VDC
The Apex Nomad MPPT is a solar charge controller designed to minimise the total cost of a photovoltaic (PV) system through the use of innovative technologies. The Nomad utilises a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm to maximise the power...
R 13,970.80
Sold Out
Apex DNP3 Communication device for PV plants
The Apex DNP3 Controller is a device that provides control and communication capabilities for distributed control systems in industrial settings. It uses the DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol) communication protocol, which is a widely used protocol for industrial automation and control...
R 38,529.41
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