5kW Synapse Ultra Hybrid Inverter with 5kW SYNAPSE Battery
Perfect for Those Starting Their Energy Adventure Begin your renewable energy journey with our comprehensive kit, tailored to those who are taking their first steps towards a greener future. This kit brings together two essential components: the Synapse Advanced Power...
R 43,187.79 R 41,028.40
5kW Synapse Ultra Hybrid Inverter with 5kW SYNAPSE Battery and 6x 420W Trina panels
Ideal for Small Homes with Low Energy Consumption Our energy solution, tailored for small to medium households, seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technologies: the Trina Solar 420W Vertex S solar panel, the innovative Synapse Advanced Hybrid Inverter, and the efficient Synapse Power...
R 54,978.87 R 52,229.93
6kW Synapse Ultra Hybrid Inverter, 5kW Synapse Battery and 6x 420W Trina Panels
Ideal for households with moderate solar energy needs. Introducing an advanced solar power system tailored for medium-sized households, blending efficiency, savings, and reliability. Envision a home where sunlight becomes clean, renewable energy through a seamless network of components. The Trina...
R 69,230.66 R 65,769.13
8kW Synapse Ultra Hybrid Inverter, 2x 5kW Synapse Batteries
Synapse Advanced Power Kit Revolutionising Energy Solutions for Modern LivingIn a world where energy efficiency, sustainability, and adaptability have never been more critical, the Synapse Advanced Power Kit emerges as a beacon of innovation and a game-changer for households of...
R 77,273.70 R 73,410.02
8kW Synapse Ultra Hybrid Inverter, 2x 5kW Synapse Batteries and 8x 550W Trina Panels
Introducing a State-of-the-Art Energy Solution for Larger Households In response to the evolving energy needs of larger households, we proudly present an integrated energy solution that redefines power management. This meticulously engineered system combines innovation and sustainability to meet the...
R 96,755.54 R 91,917.76
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Apex BOS Add-on Kit for the Backup and PV Solution
The Apex Backup with PV system seamlessly integrates multiple key components, each harnessed by distinct forces to ensure its reliable and efficient performance. Solar panels capture the relentless force of sunlight, converting photons into an electric current that's the cornerstone...
R 16,630.28
Apex Core Backup with PV Kit
Seamless Energy Integration For Meduim Homes The Trina Solar 420W Vertex S dual glass mono panel is a high-performance solar solution known for its exceptional efficiency and durability. With a robust power output of 420 watts and an impressive module...
R 260,777.97 R 247,739.07
Apex PowerStar, Apex B-12K Li-ion battery back-up
Solar Solutions for Small, Energy-Hungry Homes The kit, consisting of the Apex PowerStar 10H Ongrid inverter and the Apex B-12K Li-ion battery, is perfectly equipped to handle the power needs of a small household, even power-hungry appliances like ovens. The...
R 123,903.73 R 117,708.54
Apex PowerStar, Apex B-12K Li-ion battery backup BOS Kit
The Force Behind the Key Components The Apex PowerStar 10H On-grid inverter, with its 8kVA or 10kVA rating, and the Apex B-12K Li-ion battery, boasting a substantial 12kWH capacity, both operating at 48VDC, are at the heart of this robust...
R 4,735.03
EcoFlow Delta 2 Portable power station, Smart Extra Battery and 220W Bifacial solar panel
EcoFlow Delta 2 Power Kit In today's dynamic and energy-conscious world, having a reliable and versatile power solution is paramount. The EcoFlow Delta 2 Power Kit is your answer to a comprehensive, portable, and sustainable energy source that covers all...
R 33,560.33 R 31,882.31
Ecoflow River 2 Portable power station and 110W Portable solar panel
Experience EcoFlow Duo Rapid Charge, Versatile Power, Instant Backup - EcoFlow RIVER 2 Perfectly Paired with a 110W Solar Panel for Your Energy Needs Introducing the game-changing EcoFlow RIVER 2 Portable Power Station—a portable powerhouse with a rapid 60-minute charge...
R 8,569.64 R 8,141.16
EM Fuse bases for NH fuse links, NH2, 690V, 400A
Fuse bases for NH fuse links are designed to provide a secure and reliable connection for NH fuse links in electrical systems. They offer the following key features and specifications: Mounting Options: NH fuse bases can be easily mounted on...
R 329.39
End of year sale kits - Synapse 3.0+, 4x Trina Solar 420W Panels & Synapse 2.8kWH 24V Li-ion battery
Keep the basics going. The Trina Solar 420W Vertex S dual glass mono panel, Synapse 3.0+ inverter, and Synapse Power Lite Lithium battery system form a seamless and powerful trio, perfectly tailored to power basic appliances with utmost efficiency. The...
R 28,991.31 R 27,541.74
End of year sale kits - Synapse 5.0K+, Trina Solar 6x 420W Panels & Weco 4K4L Battery
Lighting Tomorrow, Powering Today: Illuminate Your Future with Solar Solutions! The seamless integration of the Trina Solar 420W Vertex S dual glass mono panel, Synapse 5.0K+ Off-grid Inverter, and Weco 4K4L Battery creates a powerful synergy that significantly enhances the...
R 39,756.12 R 37,768.31
OBO Trucking end cap, double, black
Rubicon Trucking end cap, double, black or compartment trunking is the go-to in the commercial or industrial applications around buildings when dealing with cable management solutions. An end caps main function is to close off the installed trunking to ensure...
R 31.41
OBO Trunking end cap, single, black
A trunking end cap is a component used in electrical trunking systems to provide a closure or termination at the end of the trunking channel. The specifications you provided indicate the following: Single End Cap: This indicates that the end...
R 28.97
OBO Trunking, double channel, black-2.5m
Trunking is a cable management solution that is designed to organize and protect cables and other electrical equipment. It has a rectangular cross-section and is made from Polyvinylchloride (PVC) which is prepared by chlorination of PVC resin. PVC is known...
R 432.25
OBO Trunking, single channel, black, 3m
The Rubicon Trunking is a 3-meter long, single channel cable trunking solution that is designed to organize, protect, and conceal cables and other electrical equipment. The trunking is known for its rectangular cross-section and one removable side, which makes it...
R 333.57
P2000 Indent 1.0mm Galv FH Slot 41x41 6M
P2000 Indent 1.0mm Galv FH Slot 41x41 6M is a type of slotted steel strut channel commonly used in building and construction projects. It is 41mm x 41mm in size with a thickness of 1.0mm and a length of 6...
R 289.94
Rubicon Alu rail End stop, c/w spring nut & cap screw
The Rubicon Alu Rail End Stop is a component used in solar panel mounting systems to secure the end of an aluminum rail. It comes with a spring nut and cap screw, making installation quick and easy. This component is...
R 43.60
Rubicon Cap bolt, stainless, M8 x 50
The Rubicon Cap Bolt is a type of bolt commonly used in a variety of applications, including solar panel mounting systems. Specifically, the Rubicon Cap Bolt in stainless steel with an M8 x 50 size is a popular choice for...
R 4.27
Rubicon Class 4 self tapper with seal
The Rubicon Class 4 self-tapping screw with seal is a type of screw commonly used in construction and industrial applications. It is designed to create its own thread when it is driven into a pre-drilled hole, eliminating the need for...
R 0.69
Rubicon Connecting plate for hanger bolt, 10mm hole
Rubicon's Connecting Plate for Hanger Bolt features a 10mm hole and is designed to securely connect hanger bolts to the solar panel mounting structure. It is made from high-quality materials to provide durability and strength to withstand various weather conditions....
R 24.71
Rubicon Dowel screw for roof installations, wood, 200mm
The Rubicon Dowel Screw is a type of fastener used for roof installations with a wood base. It is 200mm long and made of stainless steel, which provides durability and resistance to corrosion. The dowel screw features a coarse thread...
R 24.81
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