IDE Distribution box, watertight, 1x18, DIN, 286x418x148mm
The IP65 watertight distribution enclosures are designed for indoor and outdoor use and are made of high-quality halogen-free plastic materials such as ABS and polycarbonate. They have a modular capacity ranging from 4 to 54 modules, providing ample space for...
R 816.09
Synapse Rack, 12U, white
Introducing the Synapse Rack 12U in an elegant white finish – your solution for seamless organisation and protection of your Synapse devices. Designed to meet the rigorous standards of the 19" rack format, the Synapse 12U rack enclosure provides a...
R 9,124.81
IDE Surface DB, transparent window, 1x8, DIN, 228x191x99
IP40 SURFACE BOX 1x8 MOD. Transparent window Base The inner walls have ribs that reinforce the box and prevent possible deformation. - The top and bottom sides have knock-outs with the standard metric M25, M32 and M40 diameters so that they...
R 296.54
IDE Surface DB, transparent window, 1x12 DIN, 228x264x99mm
IP40 Surface box 1x12 MOD. Transparent window The IP40 Surface Box 1x12 MOD with a transparent window from the COMBI series is a high-quality surface distribution box designed for indoor installations in the tertiary and residential sector. The use of...
R 399.93
IDE Distribution box, watertight, 3x12, DIN, 586x310x148mm
The IDE Distribution Box you described is a watertight enclosure that measures 586x310x148mm. It is designed to accommodate three rows of 12 DIN rail-mounted electrical components, such as circuit breakers or terminal blocks. The watertight design of the distribution box...
R 711.15
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